Q:  What's the difference between Golden Maples Labels and Green Maples Labels?
A:  Golden Maples Labels is a well tested labels, it is sightly thin but sticky.  It is a fast and easy labels that can be applied on clothing care tags, no ironing and sewing is needed.  Laundry Safe, Microwave Safe, Dishwasher Safe and U.S. Toxic Element tested are the advantages of Golden Maples Labels.  Green Maples Labels is a economy labels but still is a reliable choice.  Both Golden and Green Maples Labels are waterproof.

Q:  Is there any limitation of words on GM Labels?
A:  There is no limitation of words on GM Labels; it will be printed as long as you can place the words on the selected background color area.

Q: Why the choice of the chinese font displayed incorrectly?
A: It is because some of the computer does not display chinese font correctly, but don't worry, we will send you the labels display with correct chinese font by email for your confirmation.

Q:  What can I do if I want to change the images or wording after order placed?
A:  Nothing can be changed once order placed, so please double check the spelling and the images before you place the order.

Q:  Refund or Exchange?
A:  There is no refund or exchange of GM Labels Products due to all products is personalized.

Q:  Where can I stick Golden Maples Labels on my clothes?
A:  Golden Maples Labels can be applied on the care labels and it is a laundry-safe labels.

Q:  Can Golden Maples Labels home laundry?
A:  Yes, Golden Maples Labels can be washed with home washing machine, but it must be applied on the care labels of the clothes.  If your clothes do not have care labels, we recommended that you use Iron-on Maples Labels instead.

Q:  Why my Iron-on Maples Labels came off?
A:  Mostly because it is not hot enough when you first iron the Iron-on Maples Labels, we recommend you to re-ironing with higher temperature.  Don't forget to cover the parchment paper that came with the Iron-on Maples Labels when re-ironing.

Q:  Why the Golden Maples Labels coming off when washing/laundry?
A:  There are certain reasons that Golden Maples Labels might came off when washing/laundry:
      1)  The Golden Maples Labels is bigger than the care labels.  We recommend the Golden Maples                   Labels stick on the care label that is bigger than the Golden Maples Labels.
      2)  Laundry once it applied on the care label.  We recommend to wash or laundry after 24 hours            when Maples Labels applies.
      3)  Wipe too hard when washing.  Maples Labels cannot stand tide when you wipe it hardly!

Q:  Do I have to become member before ordering?
A:  No, you don't have to become a member to order GM Labels, but we strongly recommend to register as a member before ordering because you can check your order history if you were GM Labels member; and you will receive our promotion discount as well.

Q:  How can I review my order history?
A:  if you are GM Labels registered member, you can review your order history according to the your account under 'order list'.